Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Long and Strong 13

Todays Fitness for ski instructor training is building on what we have achieved over the last three Mondays. The movement has changed slightly but I am afraid it is no easier. Use the full range of motion available to you.

Warm Up

Limber 11

500m Row

Main Resistance Training

Full & Quarter Front squat – Perform 5 sets of 2 reps. Rest 120 secs between each set & increase the weight each set.

Every 120 seconds, for 16 minutes (8 sets):
 DB Snatch x 3 reps each arm
(Goal is perfect reps, drive through the heels and finish in full extension. Do not rest for 120 seconds between sets before going through your set up. Start a running clock perform the first 2 reps on each arm. When the clock hits 120 seconds be ready and immediately perform the next set and so on.)

Every 120 seconds, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Back Squat x 4 reps at 3%-5% increase on weight used last Monday.
(Same as above, this is not 120 seconds rest. It is 120 seconds then you must be ready to go.)

Every 3 minutes, for 9 minutes (3 sets):

  • 20 Walking Lunges with KBs (24/16 kg KBs in each hand)
  • 15 GHD Sit-Ups

Cool Down

Sealfit Hip Mobility drill

Full body foam roll