Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Long and Strong 10

This week is another progression from last weeks work. 

As with last week while we always feel it is important to warm up and mobilise to the point that you are able to make each movement correctly todays work is quite progressive, so mobilise what is needed to move properly then get stuck in.

Warm up

Necessary ROM drills

Main Resistance Training

Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:

Repeat the following circuit 4 times totalling 12 minutes, rest only as long as you have remaining each minute.

  • Minute 1 – Push-Ups x 6-10 reps
Minute 2 – Plank x 45 seconds
  • Minute 3 – Skipping – 30 – 40 x Double-Unders or 100 reps single under

Pull ups – 3 sets of 4  reps, with 5,0,1,1 tempo
(From the hang take 1 second to pull your chin above the bar. Hold the top position for 1 second. Lower yourself from the top to the bottom over a period of 4 seconds, repeat) See Long and Strong 1 for full explanation of tempo.

Strict Overhead Press

  • One set of 10 reps

Every 12 minutes for 24 minutes (2 sets)

    • Run 800m
    • 10 Push ups
    • 5 Pull ups
    • Run 800m

Cool Down

Full body stretch and Foam Roll