For most the shortening days and dropping temperatures bring with them the dread of the cold miserable winter and dark nights ahead. Skiers however long for that moment when they step outside and you see the first glimpses of your breath and a momentary shiver as the freshness of winter approaches. People think we are crazy but that is just because they live in the UK.

Winter in the UK consists of rain, wind, some more rain, frost, the occasional snowfall that brings the country to its knees, more rain, more wind and pretty much no sun. It is no wonder few in the UK look forward to winter.

For those of us lucky enough to live in the Alps winter is very different experience and the countdown begins now.

FADE TO WINTER official trailer – 4k ultra high definition from MSP Films on Vimeo.

In the Alps even when the weather is bad it is good. When people think of bad weather in the alps they think of snow pouring down, how many times have you heard people say I am not going skiing today the weather is too bad. Well they are mad, storm days are the best days on the mountain. Fresh powder everywhere not a soul in site and if you head to the trees visibility is not a problem.

Salomon Freeski TV S6 E03 The Storm from Salomon Freeski on Vimeo.

When the weathers is what most would call good life just gets even better, you are greeted by the worlds best views, an entire mountain range as your playground and one of the most fairytale environments in the world to call home. Yes it is cold but ask any one who has done any high end skiing or ski instructor training and you will discover you quickly warm up when you are skiing on your limit each day.

The best thing about a winter in the alps though is every one wants to be there. Whether it is the transfer driver who brings you up the mountain, the guy fitting your boots or you instructor we are all there because we love skiing. Working in a ski school and training new ski instructors means that every day we are surrounded by people who do their job because they love it. When you work in an environment where your colleagues, your trainees and your pupils love what they do it does not matter where you are. You could maybe even get away with being in the UK.

Days of My Youth TRAILER from MSP Films on Vimeo.

If you want to find out more about one way to escape winter in the UK and train to become a ski instructor then get in touch.

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