Courchevel or Meribel?

So you know the 3 Valleys is for you but is it Courchevel or Meribel? This is one of the most common resorts dilemmas we see. Both courses cost the same amount, both courses run at the same time and both courses give you access to the 3 Valleys which boasts over 600Km of pisted runs.

So how do you decide?

In our opinion, there is only really one primary difference between the two courses and that is the nightlife. Both resorts have access to a great selection of Apres bars hosting live music, DJ’s and even cabaret. However, it is after dinner that the differences become really apparent.

A skier watching the sunset

Photo by Isaac Viglione on Unsplash

Meribel has a large selection of bars and nightclubs some of which are open until 6 am. They play host to world famous DJ’s and Local Bands on a daily basis. Courchevel, on the other hand, is home to slightly smaller bars and pubs. While these do host live music, there are less to choose from and they are often owned and run by the people behind the bar giving the whole venue a much more intimate local feel. If becoming part of a community is something that appeals to you Courchevel could be a good option.

There are minor differences in the skiing, as you are likely to spend a little more time in the resort you are based. Courchevel is primarily north-facing meaner it stays a little cooler and the snow stays fresh a little longer. This is not for everyone though, if you are a sun worshipper the west and east facing slopes of Meribel mean you can catch rays all day.

It is worth pointing out though that the resorts are only 15 minutes apart and a taxi can cost as little as €10 each so committing to one does not mean missing out on the other.