Choosing your ski instructor courses

Once you have worked out how to become a ski instructor the next step is choosing the ski instructor course that is right for you. As we spoke about in our last how to become a ski instructor blog the first thing you need to do is choose the instructor qualification system you want to use. If you are unsure about which system you want to use read this blog to help you make your choice.

What should you be considering?

The next thing to do is to start researching the various different ski instructor courses available to you with in that system.

You will be tested on your ski instructor course

There are a few ways to do this, most of the qualification systems will have training partners that they have vetted and are happy meet a minimum quality standard. These will be advertised on the qualification systems website. It is worth point out though that there are still massive differences between these training partners. Just because they have met a minimum standard does not mean they are all the same in any way.

With several providers offering courses in each system we recommend that you get a bit geeky while researching your ski instructor course and make a table! We have outlined one below with some of the things that we feel you should be considering.

Ski instructor course compariisons

Once you are really clear on what each ski instructor course includes then it is time to start working out what you want from your course. Some courses are more aimed at having a great time and loving skiing where as others are more focused on kick starting your career in ski instruction. There is no right or wrong as to which is better, it is completely up to you and your aims. On both you will have the time of your life but you will enjoy it more if the other people on the course are on a similar wavelength to you.

What is next?

Spend time talking to the different providers, they are there to help you and should make this easy for you. Ask them questions and do not be afraid to do further research and question there answers. This is a huge decision and you need to be confident you are making the right decision.