New Generation Charity Giving

Where it all began

Here at New Gen we want to create a team where people are willing and able to share and combine their talents and passions. The success of that community lies in the values based way we work together, how we approach the daily highs and challenges of running our business and fostering an environment of development and growth.

This drive for development and positive change is at the heart of everything we do, from working with our clients in the ski school to our instructor training programs, our own skiing and the way we run our courses. But it also goes beyond this. We want to create positive change in the industry in which we work but also in the world.
We need to let you know the money you spend with us will not only help you in your personal goals but will do some good to others too.

Wherever we can we invite people from our community to decide where and what we give to each month, and make sure that each impact matches an impact we’ve made in the school. This way all of our charity giving stays relevant, conscious and meaningful to us.

Making a wider impact outside of what we know best has been a new challenge for us; it’s providing a real sense of purpose and unity within the team. The unintended consequence of having clarity about who we are and the way we want to be has been on our ability to attract like minded people to New Generation.