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Ski Instructor Jacket

Filming for Projected Productions on the Hintertux Glacier

Written by Jon Ahlsén - New Generation Ski Instructor Training Centre Coach At Interski – the four-yearly congress for national snowsports instructor alliances – I met a bunch of very interesting people. To me, that was one of the…
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Brexit: The debate and what we think it means for us

With the EU Referendum fast approaching, and the campaigns to Leave and Remain becoming more frantic, we thought we would try to breakdown some of the key arguments and what we think it might mean for us. Travel and Living Abroad With…
Yoga with Sarah Sims

Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 3 – “Obstacles are Temporary”

ISIA student Yasmin's 3rd entry as she starts the journey home and reflects on her season past. March 7th was the day my BASI Level 3 Teach exam was supposed to commence. Very Frustrating. I woke up that morning quite early as the sunlight…
Meribel Bluebird day

Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 2 – “My Little Holiday”

ISIA student Yasmin's second blog about her injury and the first steps on the road to recovery. So, you know how I mentioned in the previous post that I  had been slumping around in the lovely chalet my boyfriend stays in for his Level…
Yasmin Basan ACL Injury Recovery Feb16

Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 1 – “Talent needs trauma”

ISIA student Yasmin shares her experience of injury and the road to recovery. Just over a week ago – it feels like a life time ago – I had a little tumble when I was skiing after training in and my ACL gave way… In winter, I live…

What is inspring us? – Opus Fresh

OPUS -  An artistic or great work; A masterpiece FRESH -  New or different; Recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled; Free from impurity or pollution; Revived or reinvigorated; New Ideas; New way of looking at things; Fresh…

A Radical Tactical Shift

Recent research has shown that the glaciers in French Alps have lost a quarter of their area in the last 40 years and the rate at which they are retreating is accelerating year on year due to climate change.  This is happening to all glacial…