Millet Ski Touring with the Three Sarahs, Alfie and Tullah

Is Ski Touring Actually Worth It?

How can you justify going uphill when there are perfectly useable lifts? Do you have to wear lycra? Is it really worth it? 
Morzine Moguls Clinic

Morzine Moguls Clinic with Ben Cavet

Sometimes when concentrating on the exams BASI has laid out in front of us, it is easy to forget there is more to skiing than impressing the men and women in blue. Continued Professional Development helps to keep us thinking about skiing in a different way, whilst also putting us in the shoes of our clients, if only for a few hours.
Ski Touring Adventures
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Skiing Wild Snow

Why are more and more people choosing to earn their turns? Walking uphill can be hard work, so why not just buy a lift pass and go skiing? Here are a few reasons to go out and enjoy a ski-tour.
Ski Instructor Jacket

Filming for Projected Productions on the Hintertux Glacier

Written by Jon Ahlsén - New Generation Ski Instructor Training Centre Coach At Interski – the four-yearly congress for national snowsports instructor alliances – I met a bunch of very interesting people. To me, that was one of the…

Ski Seasons – Why you’ll keep going back

Think you know what it's like to do a ski season? Think again.
Breaking trail is considerably more tiring than following on a ski tour be aware and change who is up front.
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How I plan and execute my Ski Tours.

Written by David Roberts In my previous blogs, I've outlined what you should look for in ski-touring equipment and the tools that you can use to plan an enjoyable day out.  In the this article I'd like to show two examples of the planning…

What I learnt from being injured

Skiing is a cruel sport one moment you can be blasting down the piste feeling like Ted Ligety and the next you are using your head to break your fall while sliding, spinning, flipping or just generally careering down the slope on everything…

What do you really need to take on your ski season?

If you are heading out for your first ski season this winter it can be pretty daunting trying to think about how you are going to fit everything you need and your home comforts into your 23kg luggage allowance. Whether you have booked a…
All but one of our group had completed the BASI EMS

The Haute Route

It’s easy to get the impression that for some the BASI Mountain Safety modules are a tick box exercise as people go through the system. Do the Level 3 training with the minimum amount of preparation and do the minimum number of tours to complete…