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If you are thinking about becoming a ski instructor. See our Ski Instructor Course News, Tips and advice.

Meribel BASI 1/2 Trainees at the Ronnie
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What to expect on a Ski Instructor Course – The First 3 Weeks

We're now three weeks into our Courchevel and Meribel BASI 1/2 Residential Courses, and just one day away from the BASI Level 1 exam. So what happens in those first few weeks, and how do trainees prepare for their first ever instructor exam?

Choosing Your Ski Instructor Course

Choosing a ski instructor course isn't easy - there is a lot to think about. We've created a helpful guide to help you decide.
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Brexit: The debate and what we think it means for us

With the EU Referendum fast approaching, and the campaigns to Leave and Remain becoming more frantic, we thought we would try to breakdown some of the key arguments and what we think it might mean for us. Travel and Living Abroad With…
ISIA Training team Mountain Safety Meribel 2016

ISIA Level 3 Course Diaries – The Inside Perspective

If you've trained with us before or are new to New Gen, the jump to Level 3 is a big step. Here's a breakdown of what we get up to training for ISIA Level 3 Training in Meribel and Courchevel.
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Top 10 Tips – What you should know before your residential course

We picked the brains of our current Level 3 ISIA students to find out what advice they would give someone considering taking a 10 week BASI 1& 2 "Gap" course. These are their top ten tips!
Choosing which BASI Standalone courses to go for it a big decision and making sure you have trained and feel fully prepared will be a good indication as to when to take your exams.

What to think about when booking your standalone BASI Courses

For many people, choosing a BASI course is not a spur of the moment decision. Lots of factors can play a role in you making your final decision and location is usually one of the main points to think about.   Not everyone that books on…
It all clicks just before exams start

Courchevel Residential BASI level 2 through a students eyes.

Written by Anke Buchta. Anke was a member of our 2014/2015 ski instructor training team in the 3 Valleys. Find out what motivated Anke to swap london tubes for chair lifts and get an inside view as to what the course is really like. Why become…
Tom one of our ISIA coaches going through a drill with the team on the Courchevel BASI Level 3 Training

Our ISIA training through a students eyes.

Written by Phil Ganley. Past Courchevel BASI 1 & 2 residential course student and current 3 Valleys BASI level 3 ISIA training student. I booked onto New Generations BASI 1 & 2 residential course in the Winter season of 2014 in order…
Make sure you are insured for everything

Ski instructor courses: Insurance

What insurance do students need for ski instructor courses? We encourage all students to take out medical insurance for the full duration of the course which covers them for skiing and ski instructor training. On top of this insurance, we…
Make life easier by choosing the right sk is for your ski instructor course

Ski Instructor Courses: Choosing your skis

Choosing your skis This is not a topic to take lightly if you have already spent a good amount of money on a ski instructor course the last thing you want is to not be able to get the most out of it because you chose the wrong ski. Everyone…