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What lessons do you teach as a ski instructor?

There was certainly a time when going to "ski school" meant being sorted into large groups. However, times have changed and now the life of a ski instructor can be varied and exciting. Check out some of the lessons types that keep our team busy each season.
Eddie the Eagle 1988 Ski Jumping

A History of Skiing

Have you ever gotten on a chairlift, and looked down at your dangling skis only to think; How weird is this?!

Why are Ski Seasons so Addictive? The Final Word

So, we've come to the end of the week and it's time to form some sort of conclusion about what it is that makes ski seasons so addictive and keeps us coming back year on year? Suggestions have included the skiing (an obvious one really…

Why are Ski Seasons so Addictive – Part 4

The continuing discussion into what makes ski seasons so addictive? And why, come November time, parents all over the country will be shaking their heads once more as they bid farewell to their offspring, ski bag and all, for yet another winter…

Why are Ski Seasons so Addictive – Part 3

So, day three of our discussion into why ski seasons are so addictive and what brings so many seasonnaires back year on year. Interestingly, our third idea is one that has been suggested by a few people on the blog and also on Facebook as one…

Why are Ski Seasons so Addictive? Part 2….

So yesterday we posed the question of what makes ski seasons so addictive? The obvious place to start was with the skiing or boarding itself - a big draw for most surely!? But what else keeps bringing us back year on year? So in my nights…
Working for New Generation means being part of great team

Why are Ski Seasons so Addictive?

With season workers (AKA Seasonnaires) across the Alps packing their worldly belongings into overfull ski bags in recent weeks and bidding farewell the end of another winter ski season, it got me thinking..... Why are ski seasons so addictive?…

Eurotest training with New Generation in Courchevel 1850

It's often seen as the most challenging and difficult aspect of all ski instructor training. The Eurotest (or Euro Speed Test to give its full name) is "a giant slalom run within FIS Regulations. Openers will have been calibrated at the start…

Ski Season Essentials

What do you really need for a New Generation Ski Season? If you’re heading out for your first ski season this winter (and what a cracker it’s shaping up to be) then no doubt you’re figuring out exactly how you should best use your 23kg…