Mountain Safety

Articles and guides to mountain safety training and planning, including information on ISIA Level 3 Mountain Safety and European Mountain Safety modules.

Practising ropework on our EMS training

Ropework and Transceiver Searches for the BASI EMS

In my final blog for this winter, we'll have a look at the two skills which are tested for when things go wrong: ski belays and multiple transceiver search.
You do get to make some fun turns on your EMS

The Core Skills – EMS Exam

Preparing for European Mountain Safety Assessment - The Core Skills, Written by David Roberts Unlike most BASI modules, which combine training and assessment, EMS Assessment is that: an exam. Remember that the people who are running the exam…
Breaking trail is considerably more tiring than following on a ski tour be aware and change who is up front.
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How I plan and execute my Ski Tours.

Written by David Roberts In my previous blogs, I've outlined what you should look for in ski-touring equipment and the tools that you can use to plan an enjoyable day out.  In the this article I'd like to show two examples of the planning…
the way down is always rewarding
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Planning Ski Tours: BASI EMS Exam

In order to pass the BASI EMS exam (European Mountain Safety), candidates need to log six days of ski touring.  This can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the BASI system, as it's just you and some friends, escaping from the ski resort…
Setting out on a practise tour. One person on each majo brand of binding
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How to become a ski instructor: Mountain safety equipment

Beyond Level 2, the BASI syllabus starts to diversify into a variety of specialist modules.  You might want (or need) to replace the boots and skis that you've had for years, with stiffer, higher performance versions.  You might need to buy…
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The best ski touring in Verbier; adventures off piste

If you want to ski fresh, untracked powder, with nobody else for miles around you could go heli-skiing but that's expensive. The alternative is to go ski-touring and use special bindings and furry climbing "skins" on your skis to walk up the…