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Introducing Your Training Jacket

When you are out on the hill, in all sorts of weather, day in…
ski kit
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What to pack for your Gap Course

To help you we have gathered together some advice on what to bring and what not to bring in this guide to what to pack for your gap course.
Digging a snow pit
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Avalanche Safety Kit

We love an off-piste adventure as much as the next person. But to make these trips as safe as possible we need education on mountain safety and the right avalanche safety equipment.
Gear Patrol ski kit for the season
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What to pack for your Ski Instructor Course

You're probably wondering how you're going to fit 3 months of kit into one 23kg suitcase. Here are our insider tips and season secrets to make the most of your packing this season!

Ellis Brigham Ski Test for BASI Level 1 and 2

Equipment choice is of vital importance before embarking upon any Instructor Course. The ski test is always a great opportunity to suss out what will be hot (or not) for next winter, and allows us to pick out a couple of skis that we feel will be beneficial for our trainee instructors.
Touring up in the custom Classic

Making life look better & adventure proof

A pretty big claim from an up and coming brand who have set out…

A few thoughts on pole length

Written by Jon Ahlsen: Background fact: I am 170 cm tall (5 ft…
On your ski instructor course your mentors should be inspirational and encourage you to push yourself

Stiff skis and the sweet spot

I have always enjoyed taking different skis out for a test. To…
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Does my ABS make me safer? Or do I take more risks?

I love skiing off piste, it is why I have strived to live a life…
BASI Level 4 courses can be fun too.

Has Dan Wilson found the perfect ISIA/ISTD ski?

Winter is ever nearing and stocks of the new season skis are…