Getting the Right Ski Kit

Ski Boots Close

Choosing Ski Boots

When signing up for a Ski Instructor Course you may not be aware that you are committing to spending at least 462 hours in your ski boots. That is a considerable amount of time and you want your ski boots to be comfortable. Your boot is also…
Gear Patrol ski kit for the season
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What to pack for your Ski Instructor Course

You're probably wondering how you're going to fit 3 months of kit into one 23kg suitcase. Here are our insider tips and season secrets to make the most of your packing this season!
Digging a snow pit
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Avalanche Safety Kit

We love an off-piste adventure as much as the next person. But to make these trips as safe as possible we need education on mountain safety and the right avalanche safety equipment.
Touring up in the custom Classic

Making life look better & adventure proof

A pretty big claim from an up and coming brand who have set out to change the eyewear industry. SunGod make Sunglasses and Snow sports goggles that are designed to last, look great doing it and not break the bank. Their 2 big statements,…

Ski Pole Length

Ski Pole Length: What size ski poles do I need? Written by Jon Ahlsen: Background fact: I am 170 cm tall (5 ft 7 in)* When I was young and learned to ski, skis were long and straight. With respect to poles, we were told to put the pole upside…
On your ski instructor course your mentors should be inspirational and encourage you to push yourself

Finding The Sweet Spot

I have always enjoyed taking different skis out for a test. To me it’s like the first date: how will “she” react? Will she respond favourably if I do this, or will she be overwhelmed and back off? Is she going to dance with me, and if…
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Does my ABS make me safer? Or do I take more risks?

I love skiing off piste, it is why I have strived to live a life that allows me to be in the mountains. For me there is nothing better than getting away from the crowds, skiing something new and challenging and leaving your mark on the mountain.…
BASI Level 4 courses can be fun too.

Has Dan Wilson found the perfect ISIA / ISTD ski?

Winter is ever nearing and stocks of potential new season ISTD ski are starting to make an appearance online and in stores. The excitement kicks in at the thought of a new pair of skis, but wait a minute…which skis do I want? Which skis do…
Jas is one of our top ski instructor trainers

How To: Service Your Skis

Do you service your skis? If you don't... why? Jas Bruce (BASI trainer, Eurotest opener, Interski demo team member AND New Generation Val D'sere RM - we don't know how he has time to do it all) is here to talk us through how easy it can be to…