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Opening the Hips with Train2Ski

Most people who come into the gym to work with us want to move everything with their arms. We want everyone to learn to use their hips.
The Cossack Squat Train2Ski

Stability with Train2Ski

When it comes to sports specific training for skiing, we apply…
An olympic lifting bar loaded with 80KG

Power with Train2Ski

Think of Power like Strength done fast. It's a very basic…
Ski Fitness Triangle of aims

Foundation Movement Mechanics with Train2Ski

If you want to ski stronger, ski for longer and reduce the risk of injury learn these two movements.
Train2Ski Banner for ski fitness

Introducing Train2Ski - Our Fitness Training Partner

Have you ever done a ski training program? Been to a class or read an article in a ski mag on training for skiing? Everyone wants the “Bells and Whistles” and people need to sell magazines - but this isn’t the most effective way to train.
At all levels of ski instructor training more emphasis is being placed on being physically ready

Getting All "Coach Carter" on Our Ski Instructor Training

Written by Tom Waddington, New Generation Verbier resort manager…
Vertical jump fitness test example

How to Keep Track of Your Fitness

There are heaps of fitness tests out there: some you might have already done, some you might not have. It can be difficult to know which ones to use - some involve expensive equipment and others are simply just not appropriate for our sport. There are lots of tests to track your fitness, so it's hard to know which ones to use. Gareth outlines the best ones for skiing that you can do at home.

Key Areas for Ski Fitness

What does science tell us about the key fitness performance areas we should be focusing on? Gareth explains the science behind the training.

Planning your Fitness

Summer is a brilliant time to try to make some physical fitness gains that will increase your performance (and fun) come the wintertime.

Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: The final touches 4

This is it the end, the final session we are writing to be used…