Brandon Smith

Verbier Mentor

Brandon Smith

Current Qualifications:

  • Level 4 Teach
  • Swiss Snowsports Instruktor (Swiss Snow Pro by Mid January)

Get to know Brandon

My current role with New Generation is to mentor and train the Verbier Level 1 and 2 students and to coach the Verbier ISIA Training. I have been training instructors for 8 seasons in Switzerland and New Zealand and have also taught different qualification systems within my training.

What do you like about coaching skiing?

As a trainer I am obviously passionate about skiing and sharing the teaching knowledge. But as a coach I get really motivated when I see future instructors progressing in their technique and teaching skills. I get a lot of pride and a sense of fulfilment when they have happily passed their exam and are ready to transmit their love and knowledge for skiing.

What motivates you to get on your skis?

My motivation comes mostly from others passion and excitement to improve themselves. It’s hard to find some days just for myself, but when I do and no matter what conditions, I realise it is still what I live to do most.

What do you do after winter?

After the winter, in the inter-season I head home to England and catch up with family and friends. Once summer begins I come back to Nendaz and do renovations and maintenance on chalets and apartments, whilst trying to find the time to squeeze some wakeboarding