What is inspring us? – Opus Fresh

OPUS –  An artistic or great work; A masterpiece
FRESH –  New or different; Recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled; Free from impurity or pollution; Revived or reinvigorated; New Ideas; New way of looking at things; Fresh air; Fresh snow; Fresh water; Fresh smell; A colloquial term for stylish apparel.

Every now and again we come across companies that are a bit different and n our opinion trying to change things for the better. Often these companies inspire us to look at our own products and services too see if there is more we could do to improve our services.

Opus Fresh are one of these companies.


Who are Opus Fresh?

Opus Fresh are a small New Zealand based company who make technical performance based products with a more street focused stylish edge. They are not a fashion label (their words not mine). Opus Fresh was started to make gear that performed like expedition adventure/athletic gear but didn’t look like it. They started with New Zealand Merino wool and are slowly starting to move into more technical and athletic fabrics with a mind for improving human performance.

Why are they so inspiring?

They believe in sustainability. So what? So many people do now that this is nothing new but there is believing in it and then there is actually doing it. Several brands are now ensuring they have a natural, eco-friendly, sustainable product, socially, ethically and environmentally responsible supply chain. This is great provided that what they make lasts and they are not just playing a part in the disposable culture of the 21st century.

Opus Fresh Apparel Co. Season Highlights from Freshly Ground Creative on Vimeo.

Opus Fresh do this very well but they also put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the quality of the garment. 

They think that your gear should last but know from experience that with a life searching for adventure comes wear and tear. Instead of encouraging you to replace your garment and purchase a new one, they like to repair or replace. Repair is self explanatory, but by replace they mean, bring in your old garment, tell them why it’s worn out and they will replace it with a solid % discount on the similar/updated model. They will then take the old model off your hands and recycle/up-cycle it, ultimately giving them a tangible way to make sure they are doing every bit they can for the environment.

We’re always looking for tangible ways to make a difference and support causes that we think matter, so keep an eye out, as although we’re a tiny company, we have some big plans for the future. Thanks for being part of it!