The BASI Level 2 Exam

The BASI Level 2 Exam

The BASI Level 2 exam is the next qualification from Level 1, which allows you to work in a mountain environment. It’s recognised all over the globe and is the next step in building a career as a ski instructor. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

The BASI Level 2 Exam

The qualification is made up of just two modules (all of which are included in our Residential BASI 1 and 2 courses);

  • Successful completion of Alpine BASI Level 1 qualification
  • A further 35 hours Ski School experience (70 should be logged in total after your BASI Level 1 exam)
  • 10 Day Level 2 Exam: This on-snow examination will assess both your technical and teaching ability

Before you start your BASI Level 2 qualification, BASI recommends that “you should be able to ski to a competent level, and have the knowledge, ability and understanding to safely teach alpine skiing up to and including parallel standard on marked pistes“.


The Exam Format

The exam itself is 10 days in total: 5 days on snow, 2 days off and another 5 days on. Throughout the course, you will be continually assessed, meaning you are not expected to be perfect on the first day. The trainers will be looking to see if you can adapt, and change after being given feedback.

In the first week, you will be learning a lot of new terminologies and will be working on getting your skiing up to the required level. At the end of the first 5 days, the trainer will provide you with an action plan for the next week. This will specify the aspects of the exam you need to work on and provide you with a focus going into the second week.

After the 2 day break, the trainer will expect to see you improve with their feedback, refine your technique and ski consistently to the level. You’ll also be asked to run several teaching sessions throughout the 10 days.

From 9am – 2pm, you’ll be on the snow learning and demonstrating, with a short break for lunch. 2pm – 5pm is classroom-based, meaning you’ll look at the provided course materials, the BASI manual and videos of your skiing. This allows you to focus on teaching styles, ski terminology and breaking down the technical aspects of skiing. You will use videos of your skiing to develop your analysis and teaching skills


The Exam Criteria

The exam is divided into two main aspects; which include teaching and technical abilities. Both will be assessed throughout the week;


  • Short turns – round parallel turns demonstrated on a blue or red run, showing a variety of turn shapes in different conditions
  • Long turns – cleanly carved turns demonstrated on a blue run, showing a variety of turn shapes
  • Variables (rough and unusual terrain) – perform rounded, linked turns in a variety of conditions on a blue or red slope
  • Steeps – perform linked turns on a red or black piste, safely controlling your speed
  • Bumps – continuous, linked skidded turns in easy bumps
  • Central Theme – perform each stage effectively


  • Central Theme – show understanding and demonstrate effectively. You should also be able to identify faults in your clients and provide tools for them to improve (performance analysis)
  • Beyond Central Theme – explain the Fundamental Elements and how they link to piste performance
  • Delivery / Safety – be able to run an enjoyable, safe and achievable lesson for the clients using the TIED model.

Concepts such as the Central Theme, Fundamental Elements and the TIED model will have been explained to you during the Level 1 exam, but don’t worry, they will be revised in the classroom sessions. For more details, please visit the BASI website.

The BASI Level 2 exam is a step up from the Level 1 Exam. So it’s really important to make sure you’re at the required level before attempting the exam or undertake specific training.



As the exam assesses two separate strands (teaching and technical skiing), it is possible to pass one and fail the other. In this case, you must take a 5-day resit (within 2 years) to show you have reached the level.

If you are unable to pass both strands, you will be required to take the full exam again, once you are ready.


Our Top Tips!

  1. The BASI trainer will ask you to change aspects of your skiing. Even if they feel weird, go with it and do your best. Changing your skiing always feels odd at first!
  2. Sometimes the BASI trainer will ask you to go beyond the above criteria because they will always do their best to improve your skiing -even if you reach the level. It’s a good thing!
  3. We recommend taking a full rest day during the 2-day break, and one day working on aspects of the exam you need practice in. You could even have a private lesson with a BASI qualified instructor to focus your training.
  4. Keep fit, study the manual and plan lessons ahead of time to therefore have the best chance possible.

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