Big congratulations to Dan Wilson and Ben Proudlove on having passed the BASI ISTD level 4 technical exam!

At the end of the BASI istd training programme it is time for a drink

It is no small feat. Well done!

The BASI ISTD level 4 standard is high. In Verbier this past week, about thirty people, split into four groups, went for the exam. Three passed. In fact, three of the groups saw no one pass. I ran into the trainers on the hill after they had given the results. They were quite emotional.

We’re proud that two of the three passes came from our trainees. Ben Proudlove was sent around for four extra runs late Friday afternoon to show that his short radius turns were consistently at the level. He held it together and got a pass. Some of our other very strong candidates did not ski at their peak levels and failed.

We sent a strong team of candidates into the exam. Many of them can ski at the required level. So why didn’t they do it in the exam? Jon and Tom think it’s due to two main reasons.

1. Fitness

Skiing hard for a couple of training weeks, then going into the exam skiing hard for another full week is tough on the body. If you haven’t done your time in the gym going into the season and/or if you haven’t maintained your fitness level through the season, your performance will suffer. We think we saw some of that.

At all levels of ski instructor training more emphasis is being placed on being physically ready

Jon during a gym session on his balcony

2. Mental strength

Being able to deliver under pressure is a skill. Just like any skill, it can be acquired. There are many things we can do to improve our mental strength. The two main things here are confidence and focus. Believing in yourself is key. Being able to block out distractions (such as BASI trainers) so you can ski within yourself is vital. Think of Ben who held it together, and our other candidates couldn’t.

Plans for strengthening our program in these areas are taking shape.

Tom and Jon our BASI ISTD programme trainers

/Jon and Tom

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