How to become a ski instructor: The other BASI 1 modules

By now you are hopefully starting to get your head around how to become a ski instructor and how the different BASI ski levels work. You may have booked or just passed your BASI level 1 and are now starting to think about the other BASI level 1 modules. So what is there left to do and how do you go about it?

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding children is a key part of the job.

The first and easiest part to tick off the list is the Safeguarding children module, this is an online exam available through the BASI website so can be done pretty much any time any where. It is fair to say it is not the most taxing BASI exam. In order to book on to this exam find the BASI website and log in to your members area.

On the left hand side of the screen you will see a link called “Book a course” click this and then select “Alpine”. Under this you should find “Safeguarding Children Module” under “optional”. Select this option and confirm until you get to the payment page. The course costs £25. It can then take up to 24 hours for you to be able to sit the exam, do not stress if it does not happen immediately.

In the 24 hours after you have made the payment you will receive an email from Educare the company you run the exam with a link to the online test. You can then sit the exam at your leisure.

So the easy bit is done, whats next?

The first aid Course

This never used to be a pass or fail exam you just had to show up, however this has now changed. In a positive step forward BASI have increased the requirements for this exam.

The course must be a minimum duration of 2 days(12 hours) and include out door first aid scenarios that mirror situations and instructor might encounter.

Not all courses are recognised by BASI under the new rules so if you are unsure check!

BASP are one of the biggest suppliers in the UK and offer really relevant courses.

Your Basic Disclosure

While not technically part of the level 1 qualification your license is not valid with out it. The Basic disclosure does not require massive amounts of paper work but do make sure you have a valid passport and something that prooves your current address.

The Shadowing

Becoming a ski instructor takes time

This is the biggest and trickiest part of completing the BASI 1 qualification and as such we have written a dedicated blog on it. Stay tuned for more!