The BASI website is full of useful information unfortunately some of it is hidden away in a spider web of information.

End of season ski

If you are considering becoming a ski instructor you will have probably started to look at what is involved. With so many parts to each level and all of this information spread across numerous pages it can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle. Fear not though once you know where to look it is actually all quite simple.

For those of you thinking about doing a Ski instructor gap year course all of the following is all arranged for you but it is nice to know what to expect. If you are not doing a Ski instructor gap year course then you will need to complete the following to receive the level one qualification.

The first item to arrange is you BASI level 1 exam. These run throughout in the year at ski resorts across the Alps as well as in snow domes in the UK. All the courses are available to book on the BASI website. The page contains dates, prices and availability for all BASI level 1 exams currently organised.

Unfortunately this is not all you have to do to be awarded your level 1 certificate.

The next two steps are fairly straight forward and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

The first is the safeguarding children module. This is a simple online test that can be booked through your BASI member’s area that you create when you book your level 1 exam.

The second is your disclosure or criminal records background check. Again this can be done online but you are required to send of some documentation. While this is not part of the qualification itself you are required to hold a valid check to receive your BASI license.

At this stage you are nearly done just a few more bits to go before you can teach.

As skiing is a fairly adventurous sport unfortunately accidents do occur. As a result of this everyone is required to complete a 2 day first aid course. These courses are run by several different organisations across the UK. The 2 largest providers are BASP and First aid events.

Last but not least before you receive that certificate and license you just need to do 35 hours’ worth of ski school shadowing. This can be performed at any dry ski slope, indoor centre or with any ski school in the Alps. Some slopes will charge you per hour to do your shadowing while others will be very busy and it may take a while to get it all completed. Each centre will have different rules with regards to shadowing. So you will need to contact your local centre for full details.

So to receive you BASI level 1 license you need

  • The BASI level 1 Exam
  • Safeguarding Children Module
  • Criminal Disclosure Certificate
  • First Aid Course
  • 35 hours of Ski School Experience

So there we go.  How to get your level 1 in less than 500 words.