Gaining your BASI qualifications requires a lot more than just skiing.

While we have always known this it has not always been that easy to explain this to other people. Recent developments have led to academic recognition of BASI Qualifications, so you can now be sure that employers, universities and training providers will be able to fully appreciate what you have achieved.

Whilst a huge part of an instructor training focuses on your physical skiing ability – and if we are honest enjoying the amazing mountains that are our playground – there is a lot more to the process than playing in pow.

Right from your first qualification (BASI Level 1), you are examined on your knowledge of ski theory and teaching abilities as well as your technical skiing. This requires trainees to develop a thorough knowledge of both and learn how to communicate them clearly to others. The qualification therefore has academic advantages too. It helps trainees to improve their confidence and clarity while public speaking and develop analytical skills by observing other skiers and deciding how to help them improve.

The skills developed through this are undoubtedly useful whether you go on to teach skiing or not. Therefore BASI has now been granted mainstream academic equivalence for its qualifications in recognition of this.

BASI have been working with University of Edinburgh and the SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework) to get their qualifications recognised as equivalent to the following;

BASI Qualification Equivilance - Academic Recognition Table

It is deeply satisfying to know that all the time and work that goes into gaining a BASI qualification goes beyond the ski industry! In practical terms, this means that a BASI Level 2 is equivalent to an A-Level, and a BASI Level 4 ISTD certificate is recognised on equal terms to an honours degree. You can also communicate this to training providers and employers to help with applications for continued learning or work.

This is not just for people qualifying now: if you qualified within the past 5 years then you will automatically receive recognition of your qualification from the SCQF.

By taking an instructor course, you could have the best winter of your life, doing something that you love in an awesome place. Now you can do this knowing that even if you do not want to teach, your qualifications can be useful to you. What’s not to like?